Thursday, June 25, 2009

I can no longer live a lie

I live alone, and I admit that I cross-dress. When no one is looking, I wear pants.

God, I feel so much lighter now!


Anonymous said...

hello from a rainy london. just throught i'd make the point that "sisters" can't wear trouser suits to the kingdom hall or to do talks in. its only after you have left this cult do you realise how mad this is. what do they think "trouser suits today, same sex marriage tommorrow"?

Kyria Abrahams said...

Hey rainy London! It's been very dreary and similar in weather in New York these days. I need a mac and a bubble umbrella.

I forgot about the trousers suit. We had one "sister" who wore one, but she was unbaptized and poor and overweight. People frowned on it, but she kinda got away with it. I don't think anyone wanted to take her shopping.

VirusHead said...

I have to admit, I cross-dress too (giggle).

I saw a really swank sister from Canada who was somehow able to get away with the pantsuit at our congregation - I don't know how, exactly except that she was clearly more sophisticated than just about everyone else...but quiet.

dawna3582 said...

i must say i also "cross dress", since i left 7 years ago, i hate wearing dresses and skirts. i have a wonderful variety of pants and jeans to wear. i only wear dresses if i absolutely have to.they bring back all kinds of memories that i'd rather not remember.

Heidi said...

May I recommend that you wear very very sexy dresses, and see if that doesn't change your mind?

Fatty said...

"I want to have your baby!"

I am thoroughly enjoying your stuff and am purchasing your book for my wife.

I love giving books as a gift for her. Never says thank you until she finishes it and ONLY if she likes it.

A gift of a book is something very personal to her and usually resents the idea of me providing it.
Her condescending claim to me, "it's like buying underwear." She has to buy it, not me. She doesn't understand the thrill, that gift giving can give.

She WILL love your book and I will get my belated thanks on this one. I will pass it on to you when she finishes your memoir in about two or three weeks.(which ever comes first)

May you have peace and find happiness Kyria

Your brother in JW thought apostasy

Katharine said...

Kyria, thanks for writing and Simon & Schuster, thanks for publishing. I could relate to a lot of what you said, except for the parts about drugs and sex, and except for the fact that I've long been a Christian but never a JW. But, other than those details, we could be soul sisters. Totally -- because sometimes our humor can be almost similar. Anyway, I really did appreciate hearing your story.