Monday, May 17, 2010

"I assume it’s a good day for Witnessing..."

I was interviewed for the New York Review of Magazines, but - get this - the author also spent actual time out in field service with a Jehovah's Witness couple for his wonderful article about The Most Widely Read Magazine in the World.


Sara said...

Interesting article. Even more interesting are all the comments below it. The thing is, you can never even argue any valid points with anybody still in the religion. It's so sad. They grab onto those phrases and scriptures that are drummed into our heads time and time and time again. I did that myself at one point; sick and sad. Even if somebody wrote a tell-all expose by going undercover into the organization, it would never convince the hard-core believers.

Michela said...

Come to

Tracy said...

What's up with the non-dub Bible in the photo?

R said...

Hi Kyria,

I just finished reading your book today - it was absolutely great! I was taken back by how similar our experiences were (2 years removed from the tight grip of YHWH & Co.).

I stumbled (pun not intended) upon your blog and recognized the witness in this photo (and her husbands left knuckles) - we were in the same congregation for a few years. I have nothing bad to say about them, but just found the coincidence amusing and thought I'd post.

Thanks for sharing a large part of your life with the rest of us ex-JWs, it's always nice to know there are others that have survived living on the other side.

Tracy: there are a few companies that will take your NWT and customize it with a different "logo" and cover. I coveted these elite bibles as a child, but only now do I realize the irony.