Friday, August 5, 2011

Help spread the word about Susan Crain Bakos - The Grifter Granny

Among the various bizarre lies that Susan Crain Bakos, author of The Sex Bible flung at me over her free croquettes at Pipa this past Tuesday was a tempting job offer: $1000 in cash to get started doing SEO and social media work for her website.

Although she didn't pay me (I'm sure she will, though!), I would like to get started doing some of that SEO work pro bono.

Please link to "Never Have Dinner With Susan Crain Bakos" everywhere you can. The goal is this:

When an unsuspecting girl gets asked out to dinner and Googles the name of Susan Crain Bakos, author of The Sex Bible, Don't Go To Dinner With Susan Crain Bakos will be the first thing that comes up.

So please link, Tweet, Google+, and get the word out there. Your link could be the difference between some young writer buying her birth control or buying Susan Crain Bakos a sandwich next month.

Made possible by viewers like you.

That being said, I've worked in web development for the past ten years and I'm currently unemployed. I was also displaced from my apartment this summer while I work to pay the back rent I accumulated during this hard economic downturn. Some of the ways I've paid my rent include working as a wedding photography assistant (see my portfolio here) as well as cleaning houses, painting a friend's kitchen, and even writing $15 eHow articles for a content mill.

Most recently, I was hired by Socialbrite as project lead on a series about how nonprofits can best use Twitter. I also wrote an article called "Should Your Organization Launch A Podcast?".

As you can see, I've been hustling. But it's just not enough. I work almost non-stop, but it's hand-to-mouth. I don't make enough money to pay off my debts, only to eat for that week. And I work too long and too hard cleaning people's apartments to successfully look for work, or, god forbid, have the emotional space to write a second book.

That's how it is in this recession.

One thing I never did, however, was purposely stuff someone with a dinner bill.

Susan Crain Bakos may have stiffed me and countless other women for hundreds of dollars, but maybe we can stop her from doing it again.

In just two days, we've already made Manhattan a safer place.

Thanks, internets!


Julie Perkins said...

The wedding photos are so wonderful Kyria! Wow.

Brian said...

Submitted to Reddit:

Kyria said...

Thank you Julie!

Brian, again: rawk.