Thursday, August 4, 2011

U Mad Bro?

Received these emails today. I forget who they are from. I don't really understand them (I only speak English), but I found them entertaining in that "Wacky Engrish" kind of way. I guess she's Japanese??! I'm going to go put them in Babel fish and see what they say now. Something about... loving black cock like a boss? I think? Oh well! I give up! They are still fun.

On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 7:58 PM, u mad, dog? ( wrote:

Subject: you take down the blog post...and pics,

including a shot I discarded from photo shoot.

as a professional photographer you cannot put up the outtakes.

I write the story, accepting responsibility for my bad behavior AND quoting your emails.... if you think that offering to buy a belt for suicide etc. will make you look employable.....

then let's go for it.

You were overpaid for the your own admission.
you didn't pay for the tapas. I did.
and I still await Marco's invoice.

You also left out the part that I had surgery yesterday morning.

The whole story will make you look like a nutcase.

But if its what you want, Kyria, let's roll it out.

On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 8:00 PM Someone?? ( wrote:

Subject: ps

I will also post on nycwriters that you were paid in full for a fact paid three times your asking price.... and used unflattering outtakes on a blog to make fun of me.
should build your client list.

Kyria, seriously, I may have problems, but you are crazy.

Nobody looking for work behaves like this.

On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 8:19 PM, HURRR DURRR RACIST ( wrote:

Subject: Just spoke with my lawyer

You have that blog down by tomorrow, shut up already or I am taking you public.
I wrote about you in my blog today: without using your name or even hinting at your identity and focusing soley on your age/sex issues.....
your rant about that clearly had nothing to do with a restaurant check but represented your issues.

After writing this morning that you didn not want to publicize this etc., you assured me I wouldn't hear from any more of your friends and you turned around and blogged....
using my name and outtakes of a phto session which you are NOT entitled to use at all....and, yes, of course, I've heard from more of your idiot fan base.

So I will sue you for a refund of fees in addition to writing the full story if you dont take down the post immediately and shut up.
What is wrong with you?
You have done 1 book in your 37 yers and have little else as claim to fame. I would think you need to build connections.....
not waste your time on such BS. And I cannot see how you think violating the confidentiality of a paying photo client benefits you at all. Even people who think I shouldn't walk out on restaurant checks won't hire you to take their photo because they can't be sure you won't get mad about something and use the outtakes against them.

I will check in the morning and if your blog post is not down,
I want my photo fees returned or I will sue....and I will quote your lovely emails. Maybe the mail next time will come from other people who have received similar emails from you.
You had an opportunity to end this today.......
the truth is....and truth would be hard to find on your blog....that I owe YOU nothing.

You, however, owe me a refund of photo fees.

On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 10:47 PM, CRAZYCAKES MCGEE ( wrote:

Subject: here is how I have decided to handle the situation; ignore previous emails

I will copy your blog post with the "transcript" as you edited it--
and then the emails as you actually sent them.

My goodness, dear, you left out so much............all the really ugly nasty stuff.............
and I will not bother to blog it...
1. will just post your revision with the transcript and a warning on nycwriters re. your photo services
2. send same to your agent-
3. send same to your publicist--who will no doubt be thrilled you passed up a chance for a good review to blog that. Great career move!

4. have a law clerk file a suit in small claims court for the return of photo fees.

If keeping your post up is worth the grief to you, I'm ok with that. But I reconsidered blogging it. I'm not giving you free publicity by mentioning your name or book.

oh, and re. taking down posts....i took down my blog. SEO person hired says outside blogs must go.....odd you, with your incredible genius, didn't get that.
I may update and post the restaurant check walk on. Stay tuned. But I still won't mention your name.


Anonymous said...

Copyright law grants you, as a freelancer, exclusive copyright over all photos you took of her, whether she paid for them or not, unless you signed a written "work for hire" contract transferring the copyright to her (Source: National Press Photographers Association). Her lawyer should have mentioned that to her.

She has no right to demand back the fee she willingly paid you, after you completed the agreed-upon photo session. She even used the photos online. Those photos are part of your portfolio. Use them to your heart's content.

She gave you a large tip of her own free will, sure, then she attempted to get that overage back from you by running up an exorbitant dinner bill and then bolting from the restaurant. She doesn't owe you for anything? As though your time, money, and being FUCKING VICTIMIZED BY A CRIMINAL mean nothing? Please. Classic sociopath.

She victimizes you, commits a CRIME against you, knowingly attempts to defraud you and your boyfriend out of money, and then she thinks she can retroactively justify her CRIME because you utilized clearly hyperbolic language in an email...right after being defrauded?

If somebody committed a crime against me, I too would use my right to free speech and spread the story online, as well as circulating their photo so that others could avoid being victimized, as well. That you hold copyright on said photos is just the icing to the cake ;)

P.S. I love the increasingly hysterical "shut up, shut up, shut uuuuuup!" outbursts in her email. Yeah, there's a woman who should be holding a platform and a license to dispense professional advice. Can someone please forward all of this to her editors at the New Yorker, Salon, etc.? And also write whatever licensing board(s) she claims credentials from?

This "professional therapist" committed a crime and is now attempting to blackmail her victim into keeping quiet. Sing it to the rooftops.

Anonymous said...

Next blog post:
NYC Sex Columnist takes it deep

Kyria said...

Tomorrow on CNN (Crazycakes News Network): Tin foil hat sues piece of bacon.

WTF? said...

One question: where is her APOLOGY for what she did??

Brian said...

"you didn't pay for the tapas. I did."

Looks like her memory is starting to go. Didn't she already admit she walked out without paying the tab?

And the first poster is right. If you took the picture, you own the copyright unless you transferred it to her in writing. My wife got the copyrights for both our engagement and wedding photos. If this woman didn't ask for it, she doesn't have it. If her lawyer didn't tell her this, she needs to hire a new one (though I suspect she doesn't actually have one).

Kyria said...

This is her lawyer:

Sean said...

OMG! Kyria - if you don't shut up already, she's taking you public!

I guess she missed the whole Internet is already public thing.

Adorable Fiend said...

Better than her taking you pubic. Zing.

Themeerkat said...

Ha fucking Ha, I love it. Thanks for making my day.

It's like my dad said "There is no talking to crazy..."

Anonymous said...

As I am sure you must know, Susan passed about two weeks ago. I am not looking for nor wanting "my deepest condolences" from anyone. Your feelings, along with many others, towards Susan were justified & I, speaking for my immediate family, totally understand. Having said that I now wish a favor from you not for myself & definitely not for her, but for six innocent children! My sixteen year old daughter Googled Susan & was horrified by what she saw & read. What Susan did for a living was shocking enough & even more embarrassing than any midwest young lady could handle. She has been educated about such things by myself as it should be..between a mother & a daughter! There are five younger children who will most likely Google her as well. For them could you please remove all of the nastiness by & toward her from your blog? My two children have been told of Susan's dine & dash antics along with several other issues. Please allow my fellow family members the same opportunity! There was some good in Susan...& luckily they were receivers of that part of her. If you or anyone else would like to discuss this with me, feel free to contact me via Facebook at Shawn Andrews-Shepherd. I have nothing to hide nor will I defend what she did. She has now faced the Ultimate Judge, Jury, & Executor of Deemed Punishment so "justice" has been meted out. I thank you for your time in this matter!
Shawn Andrews-Shepherd

Kyria said...

I'm sorry for your loss, but I don't feel comfortable with that request. My condolences to your family, I'm sure they must be suffering deeply and still recovering from the funeral and all the time no doubt spent caring for Susan in the hospital.

I would like to point out, however, that my experience is just as valid as yours is. I was in a very bad place when Susan took advantage of me, and I actually became briefly suicidal. This particular piece of writing is very important to me because it helped me to recover. This essay means a lot to me, because it showed me that I wasn't alone.

It's a shame that the grandchildren are finding this out about their grandmother, but such is life. If someone robs a bank, the news station's website doesn't take the story down after the person dies. That is unethical journalism.

Susan stole money from me and from many others. We have no been repaid. You are asking an individual who has already been hurt to now pretend that nothing happened. However, I cannot deny the validity of a very real experience or whitewash the truth. It would be like tearing a page out of my diary and burning it.

I have every right to have had my own experience with Susan as you have had yours. Since she had so many good qualities, I urge you to write about those yourself, and to use Susan's mistakes as a cautionary tale for the children.

As upsetting as it is for you to have the truth about her out there, it's simply how it is. We cannot change the past, only learn from it for the future.

Themeerkat said...


You know, I was not really sure how I feel about all this.

Of course it's up to you, as you were wronged. and I know what dealing with crazy is like.

I loved watching this woman burn down. I thought her writings were the worst stereotypical, cliche riddled, crap I have ever seen. "disclaimer... I am a white male"

I think if she had not come to age when any woman sex writer was novel, she would have risen only to her below average talent.

I think I agree with you, this is not your problem. The truth is the best defense and relatives need to use this as a cautionary tale, not a sad whitewash.


Kyria said...

Thanks Don. They are also asking other people on the net to take down their posts about Susan as well. *waves hand magically* Susan who? Never existed! Everything here is fine! These are not the droids you're looking for.

Themeerkat said...

Last post...

I kind of hate to say this,
but it's rewording to see this play out.

It's like have a douche bag pass you close at 120 mph and then cresting the hill to see a cop pulling him over.

It is Karma.

You just don't see bad behavior called out anymore. We are becoming imune to fools and people are afraid to speak up.

Well thx again for speaking up.

I have been used as a bad example before, and it has only made me want to get better.

Not because of what people say or think but because, sometime you just have to see yourself as others see you.

Then its your decision whether to fix your self or just stay a dick...or crazy bitch.


Kyria said...

I agree 100% Don. I am all about personal responsibility and I have a very low tolerance for people who make excuses for their bad behavior. Right on.

Adrian Lloyd said...

I don't believe she's dead. There's no obituary for her anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Two years ago I asked for you to remove your blog on Susan Crain Bakos after her death. I never looked at it again to see if you responded. Googled myself tonight and found that you had responded. I no longer care if you do or don't remove this crappie attempt to make yourself feel better. Just know you got your karma. Susan died alone and there were no services...only the grieving of 5 small children. Susan reaped what she had sown and she knew that. I hope you feel vindicated now. As for the rest of us she took? We have left that crap behind us and moved on. I hope you feel good about yourself as you carry this baggage with you through life. Karma just may look you up someday for your cold hearted response regarding the children. But I won't waste one second watching for it like you so obviously did. As for those she left behind? We did the adult, healthy thing...we picked up where we left off and moved on. Tell Karma I said "hello" will you?

Kyria said...

I do not respond to emotional manipulation and sociopathic blackmailing. Unlike you, I have had therapy. Please seek it for yourself.

Kyria said...

You never paid anyone back for the money she stole from people. In death, she owes us $200. You care so much? Track those people down, APOLOGIZE to them and pay them back, you evil twat. Thank god she died because it meant she couldn't hurt anyone else. Sometimes karma does work, but not int he way you think. You're an entire family of narcissists. No wonder she was such a twisted, evil woman. You appear to be the same. And I find sociopaths utterly BORING so nothing mean you say means anything. Boring!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, yes, the canonization of a con-woman after her oh-so-sad demise. Let's erase all proof from the world that the great Swindle Crazy Bilker wasn't the kind of cuddly gran who baked sugar cookies for her five darling grandchildren but who was, instead, the kind of selfish sociopath who delighted in taking candy from other people's babies.

Kyria said...

And there were no children at her funeral. How do I know? I have sources. I know where she died, alone, with no visitors. Her family didn't give a shit at all. They only care about looking bad. They are embarrassed of her, still, even in death.

Well, she was your family member. You created her.

This anonymous family member is as much of a liar as Susan Crain Bakos. She died alone in a hospital because SHE SUCKED SO HARD AT BEING A DECENT HUMAN that no one in her family came to visit her there. And no one threw her a funeral.

She spread nothing but pain, stole from people who didn't deserve it, and as far as I can tell, she gave absolutely nothing of value to the world. And that is why she died alone. Because awful people -- if we're lucky -- die alone.

And THAT is karma.

I normally do No Contact with sociopaths, but this information is for anyone else who is reading.

There are no children, there was no funeral. We are all glad she's dead. The end.