Sunday, April 15, 2012

Awkward, rapey Flickr photography

What is Flickr for, if not awkwardly posed photos of slightly chubby girls floating uncomfortably on either black or white backgrounds?

All of these photos are the product of the same artist, who I stumbled upon entirely by accident tonight. One of them was titled -- shockingly -- "Shot in my Garage". I think he means photographed, but from the way these women are standing, he may actually just be shooting at them.

I'm sure he's a lovely person and not at all as rapey as the contorted women in the photos insinuate.

Oddly, these are all generally well lit.

I'm looking for something like Maggie Gyllenhall in
Secretary with kidney stones.

I want you to sensually touch your thigh, then give yourself a breast exam, because early detection is key to prevention.

Your invisible chair just broke. Show me how much you miss your only friend, the invisible chair.

You're trapped on a desert island and you're hailing a plane full of thongs.

Give me something gay. Okay, not that gay.

Has anyone seen my arm hat? I could have sworn I left it... oh, how embarrassing. I was wearing my arm hat the whole time!

This damsel in distress seems to have stepped in something... sexy.

You two look so relaxed and natural here in this all white room. Do you come to this all white room often, together? Mind if I take a candid?


Just naturally stretching my right arm while I kneel and arch my back and lay my left hand across my stomach. Hear that crack? That was my spine exploding.

Mom says I'm special and beautiful and Jesus loves me extra, that's why he put my head on backwards.

Just waiting for the bus!


tao.owl said...

My stomach hurts from laughing uncontrollably!

Kyria said...

Glad to oblige :)

Sanna said...

Giggles from Sweden :)

Anonymous said...

"I'm sure he's a lovely person and not at all as rapey as the contorted women in the photos insinuate."

Not to be all MRA and stuff, but did you just remove the agency from the women posing in the photos, and structure your sentence so as to insinuate the photographer is a rapist, in a take back the nighty kind of way? I mean, I'm sure you're a decent person and not at all take back the nighty, but I was wondering if that was deliberate on your part, to give the appearance that the women posing were delicate little flowers that would never ever be rapey.

Kyria said...


No, it's just part of the joke. You've over analyzed it.

IsaacJ said...

Hey! He's the guy who took MY picture! No fair!

Seriously, the Architect is posing for him right now. He's grabbing the Oracle's boob.