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More photos from the Memorial Day Stickball Tournament in the Bronx

George "Lolin" Ossario

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It was 8 am on the Sunday just before Memorial Day, and my boyfriend Marcus and I were catching a bus in Hoboken. We headed to the Bronx to photograph the big game: the Memorial Day Stickball Tournament played on the cross-streets at Stickball Boulevard.

Marcus was born raised in Union City, NJ, the offspring of two first generation Puerto Rican parents. Still, while eating pork with rice, listening to Salsa music, and watching players hit line drives, he was forced to exclaim: "This is the most Puerto Rican thing I've ever done in my life."

Mike Stahl wrote a great piece on the players old and new, contrasting the way it used to be with the way it is now. It's called Love the Huddle and it was published today on

Here are some extra photos from the day. I really enjoyed documenting the day and chatting with some of the old-timers.

Read Michael Stahl's full story here: Love the Huddle on

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The ubiquitous sticks.

Ricardo Torres, Jr. up at bat.

In memorial.

What a line drive!

That player was OUT!

Lolin with fans.

Ricardo Torres, Jr. is teased by his dad.


Invested in the game.

Arthur from Puerto Rico.

Street Art.

The catch.

Put me in, coach!

Stickball-specific speakers.

Old school meets new school.


Ricardo Torres, Jr. after a line drive.

Pointing to the past.

Tito Puente is in this photo!

9/11 memorial.

Keeping score.

Batter up, Lolin.

Best seat in the house.

Merch table.


Spontaneous Salsa!

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