Monday, June 10, 2013

Mr. Softee! Extra photos from "The Inside Scoop" on

Mr. Softee -- A Bird's Eye View

Gus Elefantis - Your local Mr. Softee!
Soft At Work!

So much free ice cream! Michael Stahl wrote a tasty piece on his Mr. Softee in Astoria for the Ode to Summer week at

Gus Elefantis has been working the same route for 27 years! That's a lot of sprinkles.

Read The Inside Scoop on

Also make sure you also check out The Reveal, a behind-the-scenes essay where Michael wrote a touching "Ode to Upper Ditmars." This is a must-read for anyone from Astoria or any outer borough!

Below are some extra photos from the day. Thanks for the ice cream, Gus!

The author, pictured on right, eats his profits.

Mr. Softee with his loyal customers.

A satisfied Softee.

Gus helps the ladies cross the street.

Inside the office.

A man and his truck.

Serving smiles.

"Soft" at work!

Start your engines

The first dollar.

Tubs o' Sprinkles!

Mission Control.

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