Friday, June 14, 2013

So Long & Thanks for All the Fish: It's the 2013 The Trout Parade!

Head-on trout. People in trout heads. Get your tail in gear and head upstate for the 10th annual Livingston Manner Trout Parade!

I'm not entirely sure why it exists, but I'm so very happy it does. It is certainly one of the most unpretentious fish-related parades I've ever been to (sorry, Mermaid Parade!) This is real fishing town (Roscoe, New York is affectionately known as "Trout Town") and they aren't carrying those poles ironically. 

The brand new health food store in town can cater to all your vegan needs, but with the sidewalk trout roll vendors, this is definitely more of pescetarian-friendly celebration. 

As such, I recommend topping the experience off in the form of a plate of Trout Almondine from The Rockland House 
where they still have the same decorations up from a wedding that happened three years ago. Hey, they are nice decorations, I see no reason to remove them, either. 

I'm no fisherman, but I know a good parade when I see one. I also know a good salad bar when I see one, and The Rockland House has it going on. You know that bean salad with the wax beans in it? Yeah, that. 

Here are some photos from the day to give you a taste of what you'll see if you head to Livingston Manner next year in June.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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