Sunday, January 5, 2014

WWF-Themed Vermont Farm Wedding with Old Man Markley

Ingredients for Graham and Molly's WWF Bouncy Castle Punk Bluegrass Wedding With Super Mario
1 part Vermont Farm
1 part wrestling belts

1 part Television Trivia 
1 part Super Mario Brothers Cupcake Cake by Baked by Melissa
1 part Bouncy Castle

Hire Fat Wreck Chords signed Punk Bluegrass band Old Man Markley to be your wedding band. Wear wrestling belts. Ask guests to answer trivia questions in order to earn a turn at the buffet. Dance like nobody's business. Jump in bouncy castle.  Radiate love. Serves 2. 

All photos copyright Kyria Abrahams.
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Sam said...

Jesus H. Christ! Just read a few of Kyria Abrahams rants... From the unapologetic sarcasm, to the single run-on sentences posing as paragraphs, I have to keep reminding myself that it wasn't me I was reading. Subtle differences aside, this chick sees the world through my eyes and I hers.

I think I'm in love... I want to have mad tantric sex with Kyria, pausing every thirty-five minutes to smoke a cigarette and mock the absurdity all around us as we laugh hysterically through every position of the Kama Sutra.

Then share an enormous banana split and do it again...

Elle said...

She's beautiful. Nice photos.

Elle said...

She's beautiful. Nice photos.